The Sheridan Collection

The Sheridan Collection is a post-amnesty series of stories, beginning in 1887, continuing into the twentieth century, and perhaps beyond.  The first story, “Mackinac,” was originally written as a stand-alone, but as ideas keep flowing, Grace keeps writing.


Heyes and Curry are finally granted amnesty — along with a job assignment.  The two former outlaws travel east of the Mississippi, to Mackinac Island, Michigan, for the opening of the Grand Hotel.

Mackinac – Part Two

The story continues.

The Merger

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry head to Wyoming in search of the perfect ranch.  Will an unexpected business proposal cause Heyes to change his mind?

A Time to Every Purpose

Heyes and Curry have been partners for a lifetime.  With the addition of a third partner, Heyes’ new wife, sacrifices need to be made.  Will Kid Curry be one of them?

Alias ‘Kid Curry’

For more than ten years, Hannibal Heyes and Jed Curry have been living the lives of two common, peaceable, ranchers in Sheridan, Wyoming.  But when a train is robbed and a murder is committed, witnesses lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of Kid Curry.

Out of the Storm

1902 — The threshold of the twentieth century.  A change in the course of business for Wyoming ranchers, Heyes and Curry, sends Jed to Texas, where a catastrophic event alters his life.

No Place Like Home

Will trouble in Pair-o-dice prevent Jed Curry’s wife from making the ranch her home?  Will a visit from Grandfather Newman bring bad luck, or blessing?

Perspectives on Paternity (or, True Lies)

Baby Curry’s impending arrival causes Heyes, Curry, and Christina to reminisce about the day Heyes became a father.

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