Regrets Series

The Regrets Series

Beginning as a challenge story, “From Dawn to Darkness” has grown into a series, “Regrets,” which tells the tale of Ann Morgan, a woman who learns, the hard way, the consequences of falling for a wanted man.

From Dawn to Darkness

Life on the run can be tough on an outlaw, or anyone who chooses to love him.  And sometimes, choices made in a moment carry a lifetime of cost.

Regrets – Prequel – From Dawn to Darkness


A sequel to “From Dawn to Darkness.”  Seventeen years have passed since the pregnant Ann Morgan walked out on Kid Curry.  Are Heyes and Curry still wanted?  Will the Kid ever meet the son he never knew?  Is Hannibal Heyes smart enough to untangle the web of mystery surrounding Ann Morgan?

Regrets – Part One – A Shared Past

Regrets – Part Two – A Daunting Present

Regrets – Part Three – An Unwritten Future

Regrets – Postscript

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