The Journey Home

Ninth day of April, 1912

Boston seems a distant memory, though always it has been my home. The days I have been away are too many to number.

The museums and cathedrals of Europe are forever burned into my memory, imprinted on my heart, as are the people I have grown to love. Friends, who are carried with me no matter where Providence might lead.

On one hand, there is sadness at leaving these dear ones behind, yet on the other, there is joy for the ties between us that will forever bind.

Has it truly been more than a year since my journey began? By the Lord’s guidance, I was led across the sea, here, to England – for a season.

Life lived in the service of the Lord has called me away in the past, although my journey to the Great American West proved far different from the adventure I had envisioned. Yet even in that so-called failure I found people in need of ministry, so I ministered. And there were invaluable lessons to be learned. I learned them.

“Be frivolous,” a voice from my past taught me. In honor of that promise of frivolity made to myself, and in honor of my commitment to the Lord, I came to England.

And now, my work finished, it is time for me to return home.

I count myself blessed to be traveling on a vessel luxurious as the one on which I will earn my passage. Tonight, at the crew’s dinner celebrating the ship’s maiden voyage, the taste of wine touched my lips for the very first time (save for the Holy Eucharist).

For a reason I cannot explain, the young man from my past is consuming my thoughts this evening. Thaddeus was his name, like one of our Lord’s disciples. Perhaps it is because, if not for Thaddeus, I never would have dared to take this frivolous journey to England. Nor would I be embarking on this journey home tomorrow on the finest, most frivolous of all ships – Titanic.

Sister Grace

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